xsjdx (xsjdx) wrote in london_rock_soc,

Bring 'n' Buy Sale - it's nearly time!

Yes, it's true - come on down and get your bargains a-plenty! We have 36 stalls of goodness, from clothes, to CD's, to crafts and even cakes!

***Plus, there's a bar, live DJ sets (including a set from DJX (M:alice, Tenebrae)) and a lounge area! Oh, and if you get bored of browsing (ha!) we also have the lovely Sascha, who has a Tarot stall and who also specialises in Scrying, Palmistry and Psychometry...***

There are no stalls available now - all 36 have been filled (but we can put you on the waiting list if you're desperate)

We do however have a communal table (come on the day, £1, 5 items or thereabouts)

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