DJ Cavey Nik (caveynik) wrote in london_rock_soc,
DJ Cavey Nik

DEAD AND BURIED, Saturday 26th July [Drop Dead Festival tickets]

DEAD AND BURIED, Saturday 26th July!

Plus CD Release party for the new La Pesta Negra [Spanish Deathrock] CD, "Voices from Beyond", courtesy of DJane Lady Stardust [Zombie Party]

PLUS tickets will be available from Cavey Nik for DROP DEAD FESTIVAL, LISBON @ £53.

Bands playing [so far]: UK Decay, Theatre of Hate, Frustration, Cinema Strange, Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders, Madre del Vizio, Schwefelgelb, Die Perlen, Din Glorious, Charles de Goal, Los Carniveros del Norte, Eyaculation Post Mortem PLUS many others and more to "Deathrock beach parties" and a selection of top international Deathrock DJs of course!
8th - 13th October

Any questions/requests...? 07981 234335
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