xsjdx (xsjdx) wrote in london_rock_soc,

The Alternative Bring and BuySale rides again!

Yes - after a brief hiatus, we are back!

For a mere entry fee of 50p, you can come on down and browse stalls selling all things goth, punk, fetish, whatever...from clothes (both second hand and new), jewellery, crafts, music and much more!

Or, maybe you fancy making a bit of cash after spending all your money on festivals? If so, our stall prices are as follows:

* table £6
* rail space (BYO rail) £6
* table + rail space (again, BYO rail) £8.50
* large table (only one of two left) £11

Any enquiries to: enquiries@alternativebringnbuy.co.uk

If you want to go ahead and book your stall:

(please note; if you are booking a stall we will be asking for the payment in advance via Paypal. We'll email you an invoice once your stall is booked).
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